平田耕治 バンドネオンEnglish

Photo in Portugal by Rodrigo Sergio

13歳でバンドネオンを始める。16歳で単身ブエノスアイレスに渡り、故カルロス・ラサリ氏宅に住込みで師事。翌年からネストル・マルコーニ氏、他にも併せて師事。その後、 日本では岡本昭氏、西塔祐三氏など日本の往年のマエストロに薫陶を受ける。



KOJI HIRATA BandoneonJapanese

Koji Hirata is considered one of today’s most promising bandoneonists. His performances always attract core tango fans as he has not only technique, but also the distinct ability to convey the “soul of tango” to his audiences.

Born in Yokohama in 1983, Koji Hirata studied Music, Music Design and Composition at Senzoku Gakuen College after graduating from Zushi Kaisei Junior and Senior High School. He began to study the bandoneon at the age of 13. When he was 16 years old, he went to Buenos Aires and studied under the late Maestro Calros Lazzari. In the following year, he also studied under Maestro Néstor Marconi. Afterwards, he was taught by Mr. Akira Okamoto and Mr. Yuzo Saito in Japan. In 2007, he became the first Japanese bandoneonist to be accepted into the Orquesta Escuela de Tango (Tango Orchestra School). In the following year he signed an exclusive contract with the world famous tango show restaurant in Buenos Aires, “La Ventana”. In 2009, he graduated from the Orquesta Escuela de Tango.

As a soloist, Koji had one of his most successful performances at Esplanade Concert Hall in Singapore in 2005. In the same year he played Astor Piazzolla’s Bandoneon concerto with Mr. Kazuyoshi Akiyama conducting the Senzoku Gakuen Student Orchestra at Senzoku Gakuen Maeda Hall in Kanagawa. He has received invitations from several international tango festivals including Seoul Tango Festival, Paris Tango Festival at Théâtre National de Chaillot and also festivals in Singapore and Bangkok.

Koji is a member of the tango ensemble “CAMBAtango” which formed in Buenos Aires in 2006. This popular tango group has performed in several prestigious theaters in Buenos Aires. They also appeared in the documentary film “El tango de mi vida (The Tango of My Life)” directed by Hernán Belón in 2009. Their first Japan tour in 2009 was performed at Sapporo Concert Hall Kitara, Tokyo Metropolitan Art Space, Osaka Symphony Hall and Fukuoka Symphony Hall, where audiences totaled over 10,000. In 2010, as the official representative of the Argentine government, CAMBAtango was invited to the Festa do Avante! in Portugal, where they were enthusiastically welcomed by audiences of more than 150,000. Besides Portugal, the ensemble toured in Italy and Spain. After a highly successful European tour, they were invited to the official residence of the President of Argentina.2014 sep NY tour. with japanese ensemble 2014 nov in China tour.

Appeared in NHK FM “Recital NOVA” in 2015, appeared in Asuka II in 2016 “South Cruises South America World Cruise”, guest appeared at music festival in Rosario, Argentina.
Lecturer Bandoneon from the Senzoku Gakuen Music University World Music Course department in 2017. In addition to concerts and festivals throughout the country, music programs on television and radio, live activities, school concerts and workshops are also held throughout the country and efforts are also being made to disseminate tango and Argentinian music. Arado Corp. CEO.